King Solomon, who was credited to have been the wisest human ever on earth, once wrote, “God has planted eternity in the hearts and minds of men”. Another translation of his statement says, “God has given them a desire to know the future”, and another one, “He puts questions in our minds about the past and future”. – A planted instinct, a desire to understand eternity and what it’s all about.

We all have that instinct and desire ticking in our hearts. It seems some pay attention to it more than others. Maybe some people get so absorbed in their day to day lives and immediate goals they could hardly sense that ticking. It seems often people become more aware of it during times of crisis and change in their lives. They then start to wonder about life and death and what else there might be beyond this life.

Maybe it’s similar to the kind of instinct and desire some people have, when they’re very young, for what they want to develop into as they grow older.

I remember when we lived in Austria, my wife and I were invited by a medical student to a birthday party. Most of the people at the party were medical students of one sort or another. I spoke with a dental student there, who told me he had the desire and passion to become a dentist ever since he was nine. That made an impression on me and I’ve often thought how nice it is for people when they know at an early age what they want to go for with their lives. I would think in most cases like that God must put that spark in the person’s mind and heart when they’re young, to want to pursue that particular vocation.

Our present lives are so short compared with eternity. Perhaps God plants “eternity”, or the desire to understand what’s out there, what more there is to life than our here and now; so that we would seek and search for the eternal.

It’s like knowing we’ll be living the majority of our life in another place where people speak an entirely different language. We might have the desire to learn at least some of that language and be prepared. I believe there is another language, not of speech, but of living, in the next world, compared to what we’re used to here. We’ve seen many examples of people “learning” that “language” in all of the kind and loving people we’ve come in contact with, or maybe have heard about.

I don’t think our restless souls can ever find calm and peace inside until we connect with the eternal, until we find rest and peace with God. God put that restlessness in our souls, he has “planted eternity” in our hearts. There is the promise, that if we seek, and keep seeking, we will find.