I think one of the greatest, most liberating and empowering realizations we can make is to fully acknowledge and believe that God truly, fully, unconditionally loves us. I know I struggle with this at times. Over and over again. Despite so many evidences of God’s love displayed to me through the years so many times. From reading through some of the histories and writings of others, I think it’s a pretty universal problem. Even people who are revered as saints and some who were used by God in an outstanding way, at times wrote about the battles of mind and heart they endured, wondering at times if God really loved them and was there for them.

This is why I think it’s important to take time for special moments with God, alone, if possible in natural surroundings, where we can shut ourselves off from all the voices in the world around us, even our own thoughts, telling us we’re not worthy of God’s love, and to allow God to once again reassure us and convince us how much He loves us, how dear we are to him.

Those assurances release greater power in us to turn around and love others and to help reassure others of God’s love for them.

There’s a certain confidence, a transforming difference in our lives when we know we are loved, by God and by others.

It’s common for a person who is “in love”, and knows that the other person is in love with them, to have an extra spring to their step, something of a freewheeling joy about them.

When we know we’re loved, we hardly even notice things that might otherwise easily bother us. Difficulties and hardships are so much easier to bear.

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